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Testimonials from coaches who use Critical Reload and the Dispenser…


"Critical Reload is easy to mix and we have found it takes less time to mix and fill the Dispenser than stock a refrigerator with chocolate milk each day.  The Dispenser is simple to take apart and clean and our athletes love the taste of Critical Reload. The system ensures our athletes refuel properly while bridging the gap between the end of practice and dinner time with their families. I would recommend this investment to any athletic program!”

Coach Burson, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Lexington High School, NE


"I was worried about mixing, cleaning and dispensing the shakes, but all of this is seamless with the Critical Reload Dispenser. It is a simple process to mix, dispense, and clean on a weekly basis, I mix and dispense right out of my office and quickly rinse and clean in a washtub right down the hall from our facility. It is a small step process that has added huge gains in our program.”

Coach Johnson, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Wayzata High School, MN


 "We went with the single, 5-gallon dispenser and it worked out tremendously. Mixing up the Critical Reload was easy and getting the product ice cold was a snap with the dispenser. When it came to clean up, the simple assembly of the dispenser made it easy clean. There were 3-4 pieces that needed cleaning and it took about 10 minutes. Storage of Critical Reload was never a problem either — no refrigerator, no worrying about expiration dates or product going bad. Critical Reload customer service is second to none. We always have the product, when we needed it. Critical Reload is a difference maker because they go above and beyond to make sure it works for the strength coach."

 Coach Rob Brokaw, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, North Bend Central High School 


Coach Gary Schofield, (former) Head Strength Coach at Greater Atlanta Christian School, has been been using Critical Reload for over 5-years with some 180-family's participating in his Critical Reload program annually. Coach Schofield will tell you his athletes experience an average increase of 18-pounds of lean muscle per year in comparison to 9-pounds by those who use their own nutritional product, and only 3-pounds by those who use no nutritional product.


 Coach Tobi Jacobi, Head Strength Coach at Strong Rock Christian High School has been a Critical Reload customer for over two years and has been able to grow his strength and conditioning budget substantially by employing the Critical Reload Booster program.





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